“At Swindon Premier Golf Academy we offer structured 1-2-1 golf lessons, which are tailored specifically for the individual player at a time that suits them.

They are available to all abilities from beginners to advanced players and are taken by our highly qualified team of PGA coaching professionals.

What can be covered in our 1-2-1 lessons:

Swing technique – looking at a players strengths and weakness’s in their swing and working a programme to help them improve.

Short game – The all-important area for scoring and we can coach all areas of the short game from putting, chipping, bunker play and pitching.

On the course – Our coaching team are available for on the course lessons, in which we can look at decision making, club selection, course management and the all important making sure the swing changes worked on the range are transferring to the golf course, where it matters most.

Lessons are available in 25 minute or 50 minute time slots.

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